Featured Teacher: Rene’ Bailey, University Place Elementary School

Congratulations to University Place Elementary School’s Rene’ Bailey, who’s this month’s WVUA 23 Featured Teacher!

Bailey, who is a first-grade teacher, was nominated for the award by a student’s parent, who said:

“Ms. Bailey is an incredible gift to all her students. This year’s first graders are the first group of kids who have never had a normal school year. A lot of the kids are not where they need to be academically, and Ms. Bailey has worked extra hard to help fill in the gaps, including offering tutoring after school.

My daughter has struggled with reading. Knowing how important it is, Ms. Bailey worked with us and used her expertise as a former reading coach to look at all possible reasons she has been struggling. We are incredibly grateful.”

If you have a great teacher in mind for WVUA 23’s next Featured Teacher, you can submit their information right here.

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