Featured Teacher, November 2020: Sara Ogonowski, Walker Elementary School

Featured Teacher Sara Ogonowski Still For Sm

Congratulations to Walker Elementary School’s Sara Ogonowski for being November’s Featured Teacher.

Ogonowski was nominated for the award by one of her students and his mother.

The student’s mother said her son struggles with learning and was discouraged with school before Ms. O entered the picture.

“She is soft-spoken, super engaging and has the best motivation,” the nominator said. “Words are hard to describe how amazing she is. She grabs all of her kids’ attention and transforms their minds as if they were on top of the world.”

Ogonowski’s student said she takes her time, listens and helps him understand the things he struggles with.

“She has made me feel smart and has changed my hate about school,” he said. “Because of her I want to come to school every day.”

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