Fayette manufacturer looking for 100-plus new workers

A glove-maker in Fayette is expanding, and that means the company is looking for more workers. More than 100, in fact.

Showa has produced industrial and medical-grade gloves for the past 50 years, and their newest major expansion requires 128 new employees.

Plant Manager Scott Robertson said the company is seeking employees for quality control and packaging as well as skilled workers who can handle maintenance and operations.

“If you are skilled we will take you, from factory floor workers, machine operators and mechanics, electrician, engineering, accounting, you name it we’re looking for you,” Robertson said.

These are long-term, full-time jobs, something the Fayette community is often lacking, said Showa HR Director Leigh Ann Gibson.

“We have an internal training program that our employees go through,” she said. “They have a one-week training program where they are in a classroom where they learn about the production of gloves, they learn about how to recognize defects in the products before it goes out to the customer. Then in the second week of training, they are on the floor and see the operation.”

The new expansion will include two new facilities: a 50,000-square-foot building that should be complete by July, followed by a replica of the first new building.

“We have 12 high-speed production lines that are being installed today and the next two years that will increase our output to 2.6 billion gloves annually,” Robertson said.

If you’re interested in working for Showa in Fayette, you can learn more right here. Full-time entry-level jobs start around $13.40 an hour.

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