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Two Republican races in Fayette County are likely headed for a runoff in the wake of the March 3 primary election.

The Fayette County Commission District 4 seat runoff will feature Wesley Jacobs, who garnered 36% of the vote and 298 ballots, and Roger Morrison, who garnered 28% of the vote and 230 ballots. Also running were James Knight with 24% of the votes and 200 ballots and Kevin Morrison with 11% of the vote and 89 ballots.

A runoff for County Commission District 5 will feature Robert Townley, who garnered 45% of the vote with 351 ballots, and Jason Nelson, who garnered 31% of the vote and 241 ballots. Joe Lay won 24% of the vote and 186 ballots.

For County Commission District 2, Shane Hughes bested Mark Duckworth with 71% of the vote and 684 ballots. Duckworth garnered 29% of the vote and 273 ballots.

For County Commission District 6, Valerie Branyon won with 54% of the vote and 172 ballots, while James McAlpin picked up 46% of the vote and 148 ballots.

District 5 of the Fayette County Board of Education narrowly avoided a runoff with Julie Stough at 50.19% of the vote and 395 votes. Jerry Eason netted 30% of the vote and 230 ballots while Clayton Brown scored 21% and 162 ballots.

Fayette County Revenue Commissioner was won by Ruby Porter with 63% of the vote and 2,808 ballots, while Marion Dodson scored 37% with 1,641 ballots.

The winners of these elections — or the runoff election May 31 — will be on the ballots again in the Nov. 3 general election. Election results are not yet certified.

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