Farmers impacted by water outage in Hale County

Dead Cows00000000

The water outage in Hale County is not only impacting residents but farmers as well. Mary Caruthers owns and operates a small cattle farm in Hale County.  She has horses and cattle on her farm. For her, this water outage could cost her a loss in livestock and her livelihood.

Caruthers says, for farmers, it’s not as simple as going to a watering center and taking back potable water. It takes at least 500 gallons of water a day to care for her horses and cattle.  With no end to the water outage in sight, she is having to install an electric fence and relocate her livestock.

“What’s the plan for people and farmers? We have heard nothing from anyone about this water outage. No email, no text message, no phone calls. And worse yet, no one at the water supplier will answer the phone,” Caruthers said. “We have no idea how long this is going to last.”

Caruthers echoes the same concern as many people without water in Hale County. She just wishes that someone would have informed her of the situation.

WVUA 23 spoke with Judge Marvin Wiggins. He is working with churches in the county to find additional places where people can get water.

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