Famous musician Chuck Leavell returns to Tuscaloosa

By  WVUA 23 News Reporter Asher Redd

TUSCALOOSA – A small town kid who became a legend on one of the world’s largest stages returned to Tuscaloosa. Leavell was born in Birmingham before he moved to Tuscaloosa.

Chuck Leavell is the keyboard player for The Rolling Stones, The Allman Brothers Band, and much more.
“It really started with my mom,” Leavell said.

Leavell’s first band, The Misfitz, held a reunion concert at The Phoenix House in Tuscaloosa.
“I was the youngest of three children, and Mom played the piano, and she was not a professional and not a teacher, but she played, and we had a little small spinnet piano in the house,” Leavell said.

“Oh boy, I was just fascinated watching her hands go up and down and listening to the melodies and the harmonies and everything,” Leavell said.

Leavell is also as the Tree Man because of his second life as a tree farmer.

“I had a spiritual connection to trees and forests because Where does that thing that’s given me such a great career and a wonderful joy come from? From he resource of wood,” Leavell said.

With all of his hobbies and music, Leavell said that if he had a business card, it would say “Trees and Keys.”

Leavell said that music is a universal language for everybody to enjoy.

“It doesn’t mater whether you’re an R or a D or an I. Once you hear The Rolling Stones, or once you hear, you know, Eric Clapton, or George Harrison, or The Allman Brother’s Band, and some of the other artists I’ve had the wonderful priviledge of working with, all of that goes away,” Leavell said.

“Hopefully we can use that spirit to bring this country back together and hopefully help heal the world,” Leavell said.


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