Family speaks out after Hale County couple killed

Shalondria 2

The family of a Hale County man killed and left in a shed with his girlfriend is speaking out after the senseless act.

Tiffany Thomas said she and her little brother Devyn Sterling shared a special bond. Devyn and girlfriend Shalondria Gray-Chavers, both 24, were shot and killed earlier this month in Sawyerville.

Tiffany Thomas and her little brother Devyn Sterling shared a special bond.

“I remember on my 13th birthday my mom went into labor with him,” Thomas said. “I had always wanted a brother. We shared the same birthday which is Nov. 24.”

Their birthday this year will be a lot more painful, Thomas said.

“We were best friends, and we had this twin vibe,” she said. “If I have a toothache, he had a toothache. If I have a headache, he had a headache. I feel something he feels it. It was crazy.”

Thomas said Gray-Chavers was a great partner for her brother.

“They were the sweetest,” Thomas said. “They were in love. You did not see one without the other. They worked at the same job. They had been together four to five years, somewhere around there.”

Damyan Holifield Jr., 20, and two teenagers, Jaligha Brantley and Daquavian Wynn, both 16, are all charged with capital murder in their deaths.

“I’m praying for them,” Thomas said. ” I know that I must forgive them for myself, but I am just not at the point of doing so right now. I don’t hate them. I don’t have hate in my heart. But I’m just not at the point of forgiving them because it’s affecting a lot for me and my family.”

Hale County District Attorney Michael Jackson said investigators tied the trio to the crime because of a video they posted on social media showcasing them riding around in the victim’s vehicle.

Robbery was the motive, Jackson said.

“When you’re 16, obviously you have your whole life ahead of you,” Jackson said. “All of these defendants were very young. It’s just sad that money is that important to these young people these days. It’s almost like they worship their money when they have their whole future ahead of them. And they could channel that energy into a positive thing.”

With Devyn and Tiffany’s shared birthday right around the corner, she knows she’ll be celebrating alone this year. Thomas has this message to everyone this holiday season.

“Love your families because you never know the day or the hour,” Thomas said. “Devyn and Shalondria, you’ll truly be missed.”

The suspects are in the Hale County Jail on no bond. Their mugshots are not being released by the Alabama Bureau of Investigation at this time.

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