Sister, a 2-year-old female horse, was shot while inside a gated pasture on Abercrombie Road in Centreville Saturday morning

Langham Chandler Davidson, 18, has been charged with killing and destroying livestock, a class c felony. He turned himself in after the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office identified him and one other male minor as the suspects who shot the horse from the window of a gold Tahoe the morning of December 14th.

“I think they were riding by and saw the horse and committed the random act of cruelty,” Bibb County Sheriff Jody Wade told WVUA 23.

Wade said the suspects claimed they thought the 895 pound horse was a deer. That, however, did not fly with authorities or the horse owner’s father who witnessed the entire thing.

“He saw the vehicle and heard the shot go off, ” Wade said. “He was able to chase the vehicle and get close enough to get a partial tag number and a description of the vehicle. Our dispatchers were able to go through the list of tags associated with that vehicle in Bibb County and within 15 minutes we were knocking on a suspect’s door,” Wade said.

The horse was shot in the side and leg.

The horse’s owner, Anna Brown took Sister to Mississippi State University for treatment.

“They shaved her down and over 100 pellets were in her,” Brown said. “It was a turkey shot 12 gauge. There are holes all in her. She has internal bleeding. They think the spleen is punctured. She has an infection. She is on multiple antibiotics,” Brown said.

Brown said life without Sister there with the rest of the family is extremely hard.

“She is like my child. She is our baby and it is not the same,” Brown said.

As far as a message to the young men suspected of shooting Sister:

“I would like for them to see her,” Brown said. “I don’t know why someone would ant to hurt an innocent animal.  it is just sickening.”

Mississippi State University has given Sister a 50/50 chance of living through this. If you’d like to donate to Sister’s medical expenses, you can contact Anna Brown at

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