Family loses home and five pets in fire

A Tuscaloosa County family woke up with nothing but each other Wednesday morning after their home burned in a fire late Tuesday night. Not only did the Elliott family lose all of their worldly items, but five family dogs died in the fire.

“Devastating,” Coy Elliott said. “My heart dropped,” his wife Rebecca echoed.

Those were the emotions Rebecca and Coy Elliott felt when they pulled up to their burning home late Tuesday night.

“It was just complete and utter chaos seeing where you’ve lived for years was just gone,” Rebecca said.

The Elliott’s said the hardest part was not losing their home, it was losing their five dogs: Chloe, Butch, Tonka, Annie and Marshall.

“They were stuck in there with no way to get out,” Coy said. “And we weren’t able to get here to get them out.”

“Our Pitbull actually tried to get out. He made it to the garage,” Rebecca said. “They slept in the bed with us. They were our babies.”

“Just like our kids you know,” Coy said. “We’ve had several of them for years. It is just devastating. There is really no way to explain how it feels.”

The Elliott’s and their two small children fortunately weren’t home at the time of the fire.

“Who knows if we would have made it out. My room is on one side of the house and the kids’ are on the other,” Rebecca said.

Less than 24 hours after the fire, and the Elliott’s said they are overwhelmed with kindness, prayers and reminders of why this community is such a nice place to call home.

Here is a list of the family’s clothing sizes.

Elliots Clothing Sizes From House Fire

If you’d like to donate to the family, you or can reach out to or visit and search for “Rebecca Elliott.”

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