Family is facing major repairs after Bibb County storm. Again.

Some of the worst storm damage from the storms that rolled through West Alabama Wednesday happened in Bibb County. For one family, it’s their second time facing a decimated home.

But thanks to their storm shelter and God’s grace, they still have each other.

“The garage and the whole house are messed up, so we don’t have one until we buy a new one,” 9-year-old Zayden Gillilan said.

Zayden’s family rode out the storm inside their site-built storm shelter in rural Bibb County.

“It wasn’t bad at first until it got really close over the house,” Cody Banks said. “You could feel it pulling the wind and everything. It got loud but didn’t last long at all.”

The family of five made it out A-OK, but their surroundings weren’t so lucky.

“We’re thankful and blessed,” Ashley Morris said. “It’s something serious, scary.”

For the second time in a year, they’re facing major damage to their home.

“We are probably are going to have to relocate and start over somewhere else and pick up the pieces along the way just to clean it up,” Banks said. “This is the second time this has happened, within the year. It can always happen to you. Take it seriously.”

Also surviving the storm? The family’s English bulldog Spike, pitbull Sasha and her two puppies. They were in the shelter with their human family members. Zayden’s bearded dragon Blaze wasn’t quite as lucky, but he made it out OK, too.

“I was scared because Blaze was left inside my room during the tornado,” Zayden said. “I thought it was going to be taken away and die, but then when we came back, he was still alive. I am so glad me and my family are safe.”

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