Family, friends remember man who died in Saturday wreck

Catfish Willams

By W VUA 23 News Reporter Aajene Robinson

Friends and family are in mourning this week after a man from Talladega County was killed in a motorcycle wreck in Tuscaloosa on Saturday.

The wreck happened at the corner of Short 19th Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, where Larry Darnell Williams,67, of Lincoln, was among a group of motorcyclists escorting a funeral procession when he made U-turn. Another motorcycle rider was traveling in the left lane and could not stop in time to avoid a collision.

A passenger on Williams’ motorcycle and the driver of the other motorcycle were taken to DCH Regional Medical Center for treatment, but their injuries were not life-threatening.

Williams, who was commonly known as Catfish, was part of the Easy Riders motorcycle club.

Fellow Easy Riders member Cedric Parks, also known as CJ, said everybody knew and loved Williams.

“Catfish was a legend,” Parks said. “If you go anywhere in the United States on the bike set, if you mentioned Catfish, they knew him.”

Parks said he’s known Williams since 2006, and said the man was like a father to him.

“He loved to dance, loved to joke, he had a little twist to him and we laugh about it, but he loved the bike set,” Parks said. “He lived inside his bike set, and a lot of people say if you died doing something you loved, then that’s a good thing.”

On the day of the wreck, Parks said he was looking forward to meeting up with Williams after the procession.

“I had just talked to him seven minutes before the accident, then I got a call from his cousin,” Parks said. “I couldn’t understand what he was saying, but I heard the words ‘he’s not here anymore.’ ”

As soon as he heard that, Parks was on his way to Tuscaloosa, he said.

“(When I got there,) his bike was still laying down, and they had a sheet over him,” Parks said. “I asked the officer if I could see him. I just wanted to see him to maybe get some closure, but they wouldn’t let me see him. There are no words to express my feelings.”

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