Family, friends honor loved ones killed in Cottondale wreck last year

It’s been a year since three people were killed in a head-on collision in Cottondale.

Ashley Stewart, Marty Green and Mary Hagadorn died in the wake of the U.S. Highway 11 crash, and on Friday family members of the deceased released dozens of balloons at the site of the crash in their honor.

“I haven’t even been able to come through here since the wreck happened,” Tanya Boyd said. Her brother is Marty Green, one of the people killed in the crash. “This is my first time. I can’t even pull myself to come through here anymore.”

Tears were shed and hugs were shared. Some of the victims’ family members had never even met until today.

“We’re going to get through this together,” Shelia Stewart said. Her daughter Ashley was also killed in the crash.

Stewart said that even though it’s been 365 days since her daughter’s death, it never gets easier.

“I miss everything about her,” Stewart said. “Every day is worse than the day before. Everything. She would give you the shirt off her back. She wanted to be a nurse. She wanted to do a lot of things in life she is not going to get to do.”

Ashley may be gone from this earth, but her mother said she’s still very much here through her five beautiful daughters.

“She leaves behind five girls,” Stewart said. “They are at the age where we try not to let them get too much wind of it. Some of them are at the age where they won’t understand. I think it might cause them more problems. This is a nightmare. I cannot believe I am standing down here with y’all a year later. I keep waiting on my daughter to come home and she’s not coming. She’s not coming home.  ”

If you look along U.S. Highway 11 just past Bama Salvage on the right, you’ll see a beautiful tribute to Ashley, Marty and Mary.

Between the three people killed in the crash, they leave behind a total of 10 children.

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