The elderly population is known to be the most vulnerable to COVID-19. But, they do not have to be left alone in this pandemic.

Anne Halli-Tierney of the University of Alabama’s College of Community Health Sciences said frequent check-ins on loved ones is important, but only from a safe distance. One solution she recommended: bust out the smartphone.

“If they’re able to do a FaceTime, a video chat, now would be the time to try to teach them how to do a FaceTime,” Halli-Tierney said. “There have been situations where maybe somebody sits on a front porch and a family drives by and parks on the side of the street so there’s at least a lawn separating them and, you know, doing like a drive-by, waving from a car or something kind of thing. But I think frequent check-ins are really important, either audio or audio/visual, just to make sure somebody’s doing OK.”

If you are running errands for your parents, experts advise you to drop off items outside of their house to discourage close interaction.

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