Fallen firefighters honored, added to Alabama Fire College memorial

By WVUA23 Student Reporter Karnera Gafford

TUSCALOOSA – The Alabama Fire College honored 13 of their own on Saturday with a permanent reminder of their sacrifice.

The college, located on the Shelton State Community College campus, placed new bricks at the school’s firefighter memorial. Many families were glad to see their family members being honored.

“This helps honor the loss of our son,” said Tammy Pierce, whose son died in the line of duty in 2019. “It has taken a while for him to be recognized and this means the world to both his father and I and his brother and sister. Our family appreciates this, that they take the time out to say that they truly care.”

Pierce said firefighters carry the weight of the job with them on duty, but it doesn’t end when they clock out and go home.

“A lot don’t realize the physical strain and stress that these members are under,” Pierce said. “These firemen risk their lives every day, but they keep that stress 24/7 because they never know what the next day, what the next shift will bring.”

First responders aren’t just co-workers. They’re family, said Sulligent firefighter Chris Sizemore.

“They were part of a team, a brotherhood, because we are a brotherhood that is not just nationwide, but worldwide,” Sizemore said.

Not only are first responders recognized, but a statue of firefighters who passed away during 9/ll is on display as well.

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