Fallen deputy’s K9 partner will likely retire

It’s been almost one week since Deputy Brad Johnson was killed in the line of duty while responding to a stolen vehicle chase.

Bibb County Sheriff Jody Wade said Johnson responded the way a hero would.

“He knew there was an officer down. He ran to the fight, and he went down fighting. We’ve has times that we have cried. We’ve had times to where we’ve laughed and told stories about Brad and the things he would do. He’s going to live on forever. Heroes never die.”

Johnson was a hero in more ways than one. He was an organ donor.

“He continues to live on not only in peoples’ hearts, but bodies,” Wade said.

“There are people that are still being saved by his sacrifice. He would be proud. Somebody now does have the heart of a hero.”

Over the last five years, Brad’s K9 Partner Bodie was by his side every day, living and working with him.

Wade said Deputy Bodie will likely retire now.

“He’s grieving, and I think he knows. I don’t think he thinks Brad is out of town. I think he knows Brad isn’t coming home. Sometimes he is just not acting like himself. He’s in a position right now where he can’t be away from close friends or family because he is mourning. He’s done this bark howl that nobody has ever heard him do.”

Brad Johnson will no longer physically be here in Bibb County serving and protecting its citizens, but he’ll be in the hearts of those who knew him and now strive to be more like him.

“He did it right in his personal life, he did it right by his family, he did it right by this community. He makes law enforcement proud. If you want to look up to somebody to have the same characteristics as, Brad Johnson is your guy. Brad Johnson is a hero,” Wade explained.

Johnson will be laid to rest Friday July 8, 2022. The public visitation and memorial service will we held at the University of Montevallo’s Student Activity Center.

A private burial will follow the service.

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