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stillman college

Sunday June 4th is being known in dozens of churches around the Tuscaloosa area as “Stillman Sunday” because all offerings are headed straight to the historic college.

It’s no secret the college has seen better days financially. They borrow money from the city of Tuscaloosa last year.

The day is also Pentecost Sunday. Pentecost represents people of various backgrounds and denominations coming together to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Being a christian based college, churches and organizations involved in this effort feel Stillman projects an outreach of the gospel in educating people.
Thursday just a few pastors gathered at Bethel Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa to publicly commit to the cause.

“Hopefully we will crank up and stir the hearts of the community,” said Bethel Baptist Church Pastor Schmitt Moore. “We don’t expect to raise everything Stillman needs this Sunday. We do want to raise commitment in the community to Stillman. ”
“We believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ means educating our children,” Pastor Joseph Scrivner tole the media, “and Stillman College has been one way to do that. We want to support the college so it can continue to do that for the least of these in our community.”

Stillman President Cynthia Warrick was elated to hear about the campaign.

“Oh, I think it’s just great, Warrick told WVUA 23. “Everybody go to church Sunday to support Stillman Sunday. We’ve paid off all of those loans in the community and are focusing to work within our means, but this certainly will help us get through the summer  before our students return. ”


If you’d like to donate to Stillman College, you can send that gift to Stillman’s office of Institutional Advancement located at 3601 Stillman Boulevard in Tuscaloosa.

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