Temperatures this May have been significantly higher than normal and this Memorial Day weekend will be no exception. Tuscaloosa residents can expect it to be in the high 90s with temperatures even reaching triple digits on Sunday.

It would be the first time since September of 2018 that the temperature in Tuscaloosa reaches 100 degrees.

“Its actually 84 degrees for the month of May the entire week. We’re looking at 10 degrees or more above average for every single day at least and possibly hitting triple digits come Sunday so, where we should be is in the mid 80s but we’re looking at upper 90s and compared to last year temperatures last year was in the upper 80s to low 90s so still above average but not as extreme as we’re seeing this year,” WVUA meteorologist Danielle Davis said.

Dr. Remona Peterson, who serves as a family physician at We Care Family Practice Clinic says there are ways to enjoy the holiday weekend without overheating. The most important way to beat the heat is by staying hydrated, according to Peterson. She also warns people to stay away from too much alcohol.

“We recommend with memorial day coming a lot of people like to have alcohol, so alcohol is itself is a diuretic it should make you lose weight you already out in the heat and you’re sweating, your body is trying to stay cool so, you’re loosing even more water,” Peterson said.

Wearing proper clothing can provide protection as well.

“You want to be able to wear light lose cotton clothing because its keeps the body temperature cooler so, you don’t have on those type of clothing a lot of the time the heat you absorbing more of the heat if you don’t have the right clothing on,” Peterson said.

When wearing less clothing, applying sunscreen is critical.

“Sunscreen is important for all races white black yes, sunscreen is very important and you should always have it on especially when the temperatures are above one hundred degrees,” Peterson said.


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