By WVUA 23 Reporter Caroline Wood

Excessive rainfall is causing major road issues in Hale County. Local flooding has destroyed one side of County Road 36 in Akron.

Keeping family and her home safe are major concerns for one resident.

“If something happens to my mother, how can emergency personnel get in to help her?” said Hale County resident Sheila Garner. “Or if the house catches on fire? It’s more safety and the ‘what ifs’ could happen and it’s very scary.”

Hale County officials are making temporary road repairs, said District 2 Hale County Commissioner Donald Anderson.

“We’ve already ordered some pipe for this area and we’re hoping we can get it done,” Anderson said. “Right now with the level of the water, it would be hard for us to get in and get it done, so we’re hoping in the next several days the water will recede so we can start looking at whatever we can do to get it fixed.”

Without a permanent fix, the condition of the road could worsen, meaning the road may wind up closed. If that happens, those living in the area would be forced to evacuate.

Some residents worry they won’t have the means to evacuate for an extended period of time.

“I have nowhere to relocate,” Garner said. “This is my family. This is my family’s land. This is my home. It’s all I’ve got. Where am I going to go?”

For now, officials request residents be patient as they work to resolve these issues.

The Hale County Commission, Hale County probate judge and Hale County Sheriff’s Department are doing everything they can to keep residents in the loop and expedite necessary repairs, Anderson said.

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