Eutaw seeking takeover of Boligee water system

It’s no secret that Greene County has been battling issues with water service.

In fact, the city of Eutaw has requested a takeover of Boligee’s system. As of Wednesday, Boligee has not responded.

On Tuesday, the Eutaw City Council unanimously approved water consolidation and assessment so it could purchase the water system from Boligee.

The reasoning is simple, said Eutaw Mayor Latasha Johnson.

“Because they’re already operating under our operating license,” she said.

Johnson said because Eutaw is already taking care of Boligee’s water system, it’d be easier if they owned it outright.

“We’re going down there, we’re fixing it, we’re treating the water, we’re basically doing it all anyway,” said Johnson.

But Eutaw couldn’t afford this without having previously gotten a $3.5 million grant from the Alabama Department Of Environmental Management.

The grant came with stipulations, too.

“ADEM said we need something in writing saying Boligee, the Boligee mayor and the Boligee City Council turn it over to the city of Eutaw,” said Johnson.

The Mayor of Boligee and council are not 100% on board with that idea.

“We had a meeting with the mayor of Boligee and her council, and they didn’t want to give us their infrastructure,” Johnson said. “We’re already taking care of it. It’s to help (Boligee). They are complaining about low water pressure. Some are complaining about brown water.”

Johnson said Eutaw is giving Boligee until Sept. 1 to make a decision.

If Boligee says no, Johnson said, the $3.5 million ADEM grant must be returned.

WVUA 23 reached out to the town of Boligee but has not yet received a response.


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