Eutaw mom expands diaper bank into Tuscaloosa

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Gracie Fusco

TUSCALOOSA  – New moms go through a lot that’s overwhelming, and giving birth is only the beginning. Once baby comes, shopping lists include a whole lot more. One mother in Eutaw took her troubles and decided she’d ensure those who come after her have the support she was lacking.

Danielle Edison Lee created Bottoms Up Diaper Bank in 2016. The nonprofit takes donations and provides free diapers and other necessary supplies for families in need.

“She developed the idea as a result of her work and the fact that she had the need for diapers,” said Lee’s mother, Dr. Dionne Edison. “She did research and realized ‘Wow, this really is a serious need that a large number of the families have.’ ”

After seeing her organization’s impact, Lee began thinking bigger. Now, she’s moving Bottoms Up into Tuscaloosa.

Lee said she does not turn anyone away from getting help, and she’s always looking for people willing to donate to the cause.

Edison said she’s proud of her daughter’s impact on an often missed community.

“Six and a half years, a dream that just started with the support of women to women, her church Saint Matthew’s Baptist and her family. And look where it is now.”

If you need help getting diapers for your child or are interested in donating to the cause, click here.

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