Eutaw looking at $12.1M water, sewer replacement project

A proposed project with a huge price tag fronted by federal funds could bring cleaner water and an updated sewer system to Eutaw and its residents.

People who live in or near Greene County’s Eutaw have expressed concerns over the water being pumped into their homes more than a few times over the years, and the area has been struggling with its infrastructure.

“It is 50-year-old stuff,” said Certified Water Operator Corey Martin. “It is going to have problems. Crumbling roads, low water complaints, water quality complaints.”

The city is presenting the $12.1 million proposal at its council meeting June 28.

“We just want to be able to give the citizens in Eutaw the water system and stuff that they deserve, just like everyone else has access to,” Martin said.

Eutaw isn’t on the hook for the entire amount, Martin said, as the U.S. Department of Agriculture and State Revolving Fund will pay to repair and replace infrastructure that hasn’t been updated since the 1960s.

One of those leaks, Martin said, is losing 70 to 80 gallons of treated water a minute. That adds up quickly.

“A lot of our water is being wasted on the ground with leaks,” he said. “That’s an extra power cost, an extra chemical cost, and it is a waste of money.”

Longtime Eutaw resident and Housing Authority Executive Director Mollie Rowe said the extensive project is excellent news for the Black Belt region.

“The water is going to be better,” Rowe said. “It is going to be cleaner. We are just so happy to have the services that we need to know that we are making a positive difference in the city of Eutaw.”

The presentation will be made to the Eutaw City Council during the 4 p.m. meeting at Eutaw City Hall.

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