Eutaw hosts state representatives for town hall meeting

Town Hall

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Aajene Robinson

State Sen. Bobby Singleton and State Rep. A.J. McCambell are hosting a series of town hall meetings throughout their districts, and Aug. 25 they were in Eutaw.

Their goal? Keeping residents up to date on important bills and projects.

The meeting brought in residents along with Greene County Commissioner Tennyson Smith, Eutaw Mayor Latasha Johnson and Forkland Mayor Charles McAlpine.

McCambell said this meeting also gives residents a chance to voice their concerns.

“Eutaw is the county seat of Green County, and so it’s a central area where people can come from all parts and corners of the county and then we will have an opportunity to hear from all,” McCambell said.

Major topics of discussion included COVID-19 vaccines, Rebuild Alabama projects, legislative bills that were passed as well as a new database for law enforcement.

Singleton said the proposed database will provide law enforcement agencies with information on police officers to help with keeping good police officers on the street.

“In the state of Alabama before this database comes along, an officer can be hired here in Eutaw, go through a process, murder somebody on the street and before he gets reprimanded or punished, he could leave and go to Greensboro,” Singleton said. “Greensboro could hire him without knowing what the record is and that officer is back on the street again. What we want is this database to be able to follow that person so even when Greensboro is about to hire them, they at least have the data to make the best choice so they can’t say we didn’t know.”

The database is a work in progress with many law enforcement organizations involved, Singleton said.

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