Eutaw families find themselves without a home after Tuesday’s storm

Several families were displaced around West Alabama after heavy storms and several tornadoes destroyed their homes Tuesday evening.

In Eutaw, 50 residents at Sagewood Apartments lost their home after the building’s roof flew off.

“My apartment is at the top left, ” said Sahquille Davis. “The bricks are broken, my door is swung open, my roof is gone, clearly.”

The National Weather Service in Birmingham determined the cause was an EF1 tornado.

“I have lost everything,” Davis said. “They have condemned the building, so no one is to go in. So, if you did have anything to salvage, it’s just done.”

WVUA 23’s Chelsea Barton walked with Davis as she got as close as she could to what’s left of the place she and her three sons called home for the past four years.

“That’s my kids’ room,” she said.”That’s their Sonic poster still on the wall. It is their favorite character. That is about it. That’s all I can identify in my apartment at the moment.”

Davis said her family and friends have been helping her put one foot in front of the other. Not to mention, she’s keeping in mind that material things can always be replaced.

“I’m beyond grateful, ” Davis said. “I still have a smile on my face. My neighbors are in good health. Everybody is completely fine. They are a little shaken up, but that is nothing out of the ordinary. Everyone is going to be fine. And as for Greene County as a community, we are going to stick together. Help one another out. Reassure that this is something just for the moment. It is just for right now. We are going to be okay.

Despite the devastation, Eutaw city leaders decided to continue with their Christmas Parade Thursday.

Davis said she made sure her sons were there so they could forget what they’ve lost and remember what they’re most grateful for this holiday season.

“That’s what Greene County is about,” she said. “That is what family is about, and Greene County as a whole is a family. They are always going to come together as one to help one another and just still having the Christmas parade, those kids are going to be so happy. I know a lot of them are probably looking forward to getting candy and just seeing everybody being happy and in good spirits around the holidays because it’s so close to the holidays and losing your home, that is something you really have to shake back but also be so grateful that you are still here to witness another day.”

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