Eutaw/Boligee water discussion continues this week

Eutaw Water00000000

Greene County’s cities of Eutaw and Boligee are in the middle of figuring out who should own Boligee’s water and sewer system.

Boligee residents said they’ve been dealing with dirty water and dismal water pressure for some time.

Currently, Eutaw is maintaining and providing water to Boligee. If Boligee hands over the ownership keys, Eutaw leaders say they can fix Boligee’s water system with the help of a $3.5 million grant from the Alabama Department of Environmental Management. That money can’t be used for anything else, Eutaw Mayor Latasha Johnson said, so if Boligee doesn’t budge they’ll have to give it back to the state.

Johnson said if Eutaw takes on Boligee’s water and sewer system, Boligee would also want Eutaw taking on Boligee’s sewer-related debt.

If the cities don’t come to an agreement by the end of the month, Eutaw will lose the grant.

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