The University of Alabama is partnering with the Tuscaloosa and Northport Police Departments to host the 10th annual Equalizer Self-Defense event. Classes started on Tuesday night at the Tuscaloosa Airport and will span the next few weeks.

The event is designed to help prepare women in case they find themselves in a dangerous situation.

Sgt. Michael Baygents from the Tuscaloosa Police Department believes the event will help the women who attend it feel more secure when they are alone.

“We thought it would be a neat thing to be able to offer here for the ladies of the community to make them safer and aware of their surroundings, situationally aware of what’s going on around them and not be a victim,” Daygents said.

During the first class, women got a chance to learn the basics of self-defense and get a preview of what the next few weeks will entail. Each class will build from the previous one.

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