Eighty-two year old Emmett Kyzer disappeared from his home on Keenes Mill Road in coaling this time last year. His cell phone and wheel chair were left behind. Tuscaloosa County Metro Homicide investigators believe foul play was involved.

“That wheelchair plays an important part in this,” Captain Kip Hart told WVUA 23. “It’s just kind of an eerie symbol of this whole thing.”
Over the last 365 days, aerial, ground, and diving searches have been conducted in efforts to find Kyzer.

In late march of this year, a logging crew uncovered human remains off of Ed Stevens Road just five miles from Kyzer’s home.
Investigators and Emmett’s family believe it’s likely these bones could belong to Emmett.

“I do believe that there are people out there that know,” Hart said. “I would hope that these people realize they need to have a conscience. Nobody deserves what happened.”

Those who have suffered most are of course Emmett’s family.

When I spoke with his niece Nikki on the one year anniversary of Kyzer’s disappearance, she wasn’t up to going on camera, but released this quote to WVUA.

“This past year has been a living hell,” Sellers said. “It’s like a have this huge hole in my heart. I’ve realized that everything can change in the blink of an eye. After this length of time, we are just ready for an end to this nightmare. I’ll never understand how anyone could do this to Emmett. He was a great man. We just want to know what happened to him, who did it and why.”

Nikki also released the following information to the media today: “I have recently discovered several items missing from outside Emmett’s home. How someone can steal from him with this situation going on is beyond my comprehension. If you happen to live in the area or you travel Keenes Mill Rd, please help me! I can’t be at his home 24/7. If you see ANYONE in his driveway, yard or anywhere on his property, PLEASE contact me  or Tuscaloosa County Sheriffs Office IMMEDIATELY. Please get pictures if you can and you don’t feel like it puts you in harms way. Thank you!!”

Investigators are still awaiting a confirmation from the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences on whether the remains found are Emmett Kyzer’s.


If you have any information that could help authorities and Kyzer’s family get some answers, please contact Crime Stoppers at (205) 752- STOP.

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