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Elevate Tuscaloosa is planning to combine the Tuscaloosa Public Library and Children’s Hands-on Museum (CHOM) into one space.

They will share the building that currently houses The Tuscaloosa News. With limited parking at the current museum, the proposal is aimed to provide better accessibility and convenience.

“Being adjacent or with the library gives a more enhanced experience because you get to combine both of those with one stop,” said Liz Obradovich, president of the board of directors for CHOM.

The Tuscaloosa News will continue to publish alongside the new building additions.

“The Tuscaloosa News is not impacted by this one iota. We are going to continue to publish a daily newspaper. We are going to continue to publish our content digitally,” said Bobby Rice, general manager of the Tuscaloosa News.

Maddox is expectant on this newly improved facility. His hopes are to enhance the learning experience for all ages.

“It’s an exciting moment for our community, and I think if everything goes as we hope, it’s going to have a generational impact. Over 600,000 people visit those two entities alone. This is going to be an amazing opportunity for us to do even more,” Maddox said.

For more information on the Elevate Tuscaloosa projects, go to www.elevatetuscaloosa.com.

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