Election reminder: Alabama absentee voting deadlines are looming

Alabama’s primary elections are happening May 24, and state Secretary of State John Merrill is reminding voters that there are only a few weeks left to apply for an absentee ballot.

“The most important deadline is to be registered to vote, and the last day to register to vote and make sure your vote will be counted on May 24 is May 10,” Merrill said. “We want to make sure everyone’s voice is heard and everyone’s vote is counted”

Absentee ballot applications are due:

  • May 17 is the last day absentee ballot applications can be returned by mail
  • May 19 is the last day applications can be returned in person

Absentee ballots are due:

  • May 23 is the last day to return absentee ballots by hand to your Absentee Election Manager
  • May 24 is the last day absentee ballots can be sent by mail to the Absentee Election Manager, and they must be postmarked no later than noon

Merrill said he’s been pleased with Alabama’s voting records over the past few years, and he’s looking forward to that streak continuing.

“We led the nation in in-person voting on Election Day 2020, with 87% of our people going to the polls and casting their ballot for the candidate of their choice,” Merrill said. “We see that trend continue this year not just on May 24, but also in November, and we’re very proud of that.”

If you need an absentee ballot application, you can download one right here, or you can visit your local Absentee Election Manager’s office. Check the address of your local office right here. You can also request a ballot through the Secretary of State’s Elections Division by calling 334-242-7210.

Voters must present a valid form of identification when voting, and mail-in absentee ballots must follow strict rules. You can view those right here.

The primary election May 24 requires voters to pick the Republican or Democratic ballot at their polling place. If there are runoffs, only first-time primary voters or those who voted in the first race can vote in the runoffs. For example, a person who votes on the Democratic primary ballot May 24 could note vote in a Republican primary runoff.

If runoffs are required, they will be held June 21. The general election is Nov. 8.

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