Reporting by WVUA 23’s Amber Boswell

The Tuscaloosa County School System hosted its annual recognition dinner Tuesday. The dinner took place at The University of Christ Church.

Teachers and education support professionals from 34 schools were recognized for their work. Along with these teachers, an outstanding principal and assistant principal were recognized. Teachers said it is an honor to be recognized for something they love to do each day.

“It is an honor, it is a big honor, especially when I look around and see all of the men and women around me who are so much better at their jobs than I am,” Justin Ray, a teacher and award recipient, said. “It is an honor to be in their company and be recognized for something like this.”

Kristin McGuff, a teacher and award recipient, said there is a parental instinct that contributes to her teaching style.

“I feel like I am a parent to 110 kids,” she said. “I laugh with them, and I cry with them. We have rewards, and we have failures, so we grow together.”

The teachers were able to relax and enjoy a free meal as a reward for their ongoing hard work and dedication inside and outside of the classroom.

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