Reporting by WVUA 23’s Julia Smith

A nonprofit resource center held a conference for educators and caregivers in Tuscaloosa Tuesday.

Tuscaloosa’s One Place held its 13th annual conference at Bryant Conference Center. Panelists like Alabama State Superintendent Eric Mackey and representatives from organizations like Tuscaloosa’s Promise shared information that could improve the learning experience for children.

“We are looking at the health of children and help for mothers and expecting mothers. We are also looking at education outcomes and what are the things that need to be done to make our children in Tuscaloosa more healthy,” Mackey said.

The results of the program have shown through the quality of the Tuscaloosa education program. Tuscaloosa has risen from No. 37 to No. 14 in the state rankings for education.

Charles Nash, Chairman for Tuscaloosa’s Promises, affirmed that focusing on children’s education can make the community a better place to live.

“When the community can provide these opportunities and outcomes for children, our children are better off and their families are better off,” Nash said.

Other conversation topics included issues like the opioid crisis and the importance of children’s safety when it comes to human trafficking.

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