Easter Sunday churchgoers have plenty of options in person, online

Easter Sunday is right around the corner and this year may be getting back to normal since the COVID-19 pandemic.

College Hill Baptist Church Pastor Kelvin Croom said he is looking forward to seeing a church full of smiling faces come Easter Sunday.

“Initially people weren’t coming back to church,” Croom said. “They were afraid because of the confusion concerning how one might contract the virus. But now people are coming. Our membership has really turned out and we are very excited.”

For many houses of worship, COVID meant a growing online community. At Northport Baptist Church, the end of the pandemic isn’t the end of their online mission. Quite the opposite, in fact.

“What we are trying to do is accomplish a lot of the same things via technology,” said Northport Baptist’s new Online and Outreach Pastor Joseph Givens. “I want to get to know the lives and the stories of those who are watching online.”

Givens said his preference is worshiping in person with his congregation, but online church services are a boon for those who aren’t mobile or aren’t in the area.

“This is our first Easter service where we are doing a lot of thing with technology, and part of me thinks the attendance online will be down a little bit because more people are coming in person typically around that time,” said Givens.

Easter is April 9.

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