Flowers Are Friends

David Williams III

Valentine’s Day is the most popular day for flower deliveries and Eagles Wings members have the most important job, hand delivering flowers to loved ones.

Eagle’s Wings is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping adults with disabilities. This organization teamed up with Kablooms Flower Shop in Northport to help them help the community.

“To get flowers from your sweetheart and then have them be delivered from these sweethearts just makes it very special,” said Sandra Pike, co-founder of Eagle’s Wings.

“Well I think it just adds to the specialness of the day and just having special visitors and I know that it excited them to get them to deliver such beautiful flowers,” Angelica Brown, a fifth and sixth grade teacher at Tuscaloosa Academy.

“These guys just hold a special place in my heart and it just means a lot to me and Mrs. Sandra here she’s always done everything for these guys,” said Laura Kelly, a medical assistant.

Not only do the people receiving the flowers love them, but the members of the Eagle’s Wings do as well.

“I always love it, but its really fun,” said Eagle’s Wings member Justin Webb.

Fun for them, and a Valentine’s Day memory that everyone involved will never forget.

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