Dry Days Ahead

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The latest update from the Weather Prediction Center continues to suggest no rain for our local area for the next 7 days. As of Friday evening, the high pressure responsible for the dry trend continues to expand east. By the weekend, the upper level ridge will become entrenched across the eastern half of the United States.

Upper level ridging is associated with hot and dry conditions. High pressure tends to suppress the air, preventing widespread rain. Due to the intense nature of this particular high pressure, the even the chance of an isolated shower or storm is nearly zero between today and the middle of next week.

Currently, central Alabama is not in a drought, but a prolonged period of hot and sunny days could create drought conditions quickly. Given the very wet spring and early summer, Tuscaloosa is reporting over a 4″ rain surplus. While rivers and lakes are mostly at normal levels, a prolonged period of sunny weather and hot temperatures could cause minor drought conditions to develop.

The long range forecast calls for mostly dry weather through the end of the month.

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