Story by WVUA 23’s Amanda Hull

Tuscaloosa residents gathered at Veterans Memorial Park at 10 a.m. on Monday for a special ceremony honoring the many veterans of Tuscaloosa County.

The reception was a memorable moment for the veterans who attended.

“You know, being a Vietnam veteran when we came back it wasn’t receptive, we weren’t receptive and now I’m beginning to experience the love and warmth that people are showing and so the experience has been of love and gratitude. I can feel it today,” U.S.S. Navy veteran Percy Mills said.

The ceremony placed emphasis on how the important roles veterans serves in protecting the freedoms Americans enjoy today. Guest speaker Tim Russell, a veteran of the United States Army, offered his thanks to all the veterans celebrating today.

“God bless you, thank you for serving your country. It would not be the great country it is without you. We are here because of you and thank you,” Russell said.

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