Druid City Brewing2

Druid City Brewing Company features live music several times a week, but with patrons hanging around only long enough to pick up a growler those events have ceased.

But owner Bo Hicks wanted to find a way to entertain people stuck at home, and help support local musicians unable to work right now, so he hatched a plan. It’s called Quarantunes.

On Thursdays and Saturdays for the next four weeks, DCBC will be hosting a musician on their Facebook page so anyone can tune in.

Hicks said the musicians will be paid as if they were playing at the brewery, and he’s getting a mix of local artists and people who make their living by traveling around.

“We’re just happy to be a part of supporting music,” he said. “Not meaning to sound all hippy dippy, but it’s really a circle of support. One of the good things about this I’ve seen is so many people are looking out for each other. Sometimes even in the darkest times you find a ray of light where you might not expect it.”

DCBC is also hosting virtual open mic nights on Sundays, although through their Facebook page.

Learn more about Quarantunes right here.


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