Remdesivir 1


<p>A drug once used to treat MERS and SARS, is now being used to help treat Covid 19.</p>

“Remdesivir is an antiviral drug that has been under investigation in several places around the world since the Covid 19 outbreak started,” said Medical Director of Epidemiology at DCH Regional Medical Center Dr. Albert White Jr..  “Remdesivir can cause earlier discharge of coronavirus patients.”

But who can be treated with Remdesivir?

“The people who have been here for less than 10 days,” White said. “People who have been here 33 days or so, many of them have all the complications that would disqualify them. We are looking for people early on in their infection, high oxygen requirements, on ventilators. Those are the ones we are targeting to give,” White added.

DCH received 84 doses of Remdesivir from the state of Alabama. That is enough to treat 14 COVID-19 patients. As of Tuesday, 5 patients at DCH have had Remdesivir administered. there are seven more coronavirus patients at DCH who may meet the criteria to be treated with the drug.

“It is too early to say whether it is going to have an impact or not,” White said. “Based on the experience that others have had, hoping that this drug would make an impact. A lot of people may not qualify because of renal or liver problems. At the least, the ones who qualify we would like to give it to them and see what happens. “

White said he believes Remdesivir could save these peoples lives.

“I hope so. I believe so,” he said. ‘That is why we are going to use it. If you can give it to somebody and cause the disease to be mitigated in a form of getting out of ICU or getting out of the hospital early, I think that will certainly have an impact on mortality.”

It is unknown when DCH will receive more doses if Remdesivir.

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