Rain, Rain come our way! We need it! Did you know it rained one time in Tuscaloosa during September? ONLY ONCE!
As drought conditions continue across our area, the threat of fire activity is increases.

Tuscaloosa Fire Marshal Gene Holcomb has some tips that could potentially save lives, especially during these dry spells.

  1.  Never leave a fire unattended– this goes for hot coals on the grill and fire pits as well.
  2.  Always make sure your ashes are completely cool before disposing of them.
  3.  Properly throw away all smoking materials. Do not throw cigarette butts out of car windows or directly  onto the ground. One spark could cause a fire on these dry grounds.
  4.  If you see a fire, no matter how small, contact local fire and rescue.

“In the city of Tuscaloosa, you’re required to have a burn permit to burn anything other than a recreational fire. If you need to burn and you ask for a burn permit, we will come review it. However, more than likely you will not get your burn permit for any outdoor burning when it’s dry like this,” Holcomb told WVUA 23.


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