Richard Cosby inducted into Stillman College Hall of Fame

By WVUA Sports Reporter Molly Harrold

Stillman College baseball recently honored head coach Richard Cosby, who attained the most victories in school history and was inducted into the school’s Sports Hall of Fame.

Cosby’s team won a total of five conference titles in 16 seasons, but the school did not have money for championship rings.

That didn’t matter to him, team members said, because he cared more about how the team was doing than any amount of bling.

But team decided championship rings mattered, and they wanted Cosby attending his Hall of Fame induction with a well-deserved ring on his finger.

With a decorated coaching record, his involvement with Stillman College goes far beyond baseball. At one point, Cosby was athletic director, an assistant professor of sociology and chairman of the Business and Social Science College Division.

Cosby earned a master’s in sociology and adapted those principles in every role of his career.

“The personalities, the differences in the kids, understanding how to work with the different ones, bring them together as a team. All that was a part of my training in social work,” Cosby said.

Competition was his main method of his teaching in both academics and athletics as 90% of Cosby’s players graduated.

“The kids I had, like competition,” Cosby said. “They enjoyed the competition, whoever we played. They were going to compete. Now we did not win sometimes, but they enjoy the competition.”

Cosby practiced what he preached by his dedication, determined, and bound to learn more by reading books on coaching philosophy. He said he became a student of the game and expected the same out of his players.

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