Dozens of mailboxes vandalized in West Tuscaloosa

Vandals were busy in West Tuscaloosa Monday night, as dozens of residents woke up Tuesday to destroyed mailboxes.

More than 30 mailboxes in the area were found uprooted from their spots, and homeowners want those who were responsible found.

“Early this morning, I got out of the bed and heard something,” said Otis Ruben, who is one of the victims. “I came out around 6 and my mailbox was flat on the ground.”

Ruben is far from the only one.

“I came to take my mom to a doctor’s appointment and that’s when I saw it,” said Erskine Simmons, whose mother lives on 23rd Street. Simmons is the District 7 board member for the Tuscaloosa City Schools Board of Education.

Things like this don’t usually happen here, he said.

So far, no suspects have been identified, but the victims said they want to give the people responsible a message.

“There are a lot of older people who have mailboxes that are not able or cannot afford to have their mailboxes repaired,” Ruben said.  “Most likely you might not want to come forward, but you should not do this again.”

Simmons said vandalism isn’t appropriate.

“Don’t waste your time destroying other people’s property,” Simmons said. “Please, not here.”

The Tuscaloosa Police Department is investigating.

If you have any information that could help them identify and locate those responsible, please call 205-349-2121.

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