TUSCALOOSA – Three men were arrested this morning for selling magazines door to door in several neighborhoods without a business license.

In order to sell door-to-door legally, the seller company has to acquire a business license in the city in which they’re selling.
Capt. Brad Mason with the Tuscaloosa Police Department said the men said they were selling magazines for Globe Wide Entertainment.

Mason said they’d been to Riverdale, Ridgeland Academy Drive and Lake View neighborhoods.

After police explained Tuscaloosa’s ordinance to the men, they continued to sell.

Frederick Berry, John Clarke and Gordon Dixon were charged with doing business without a license.

The Better Business Bureau suggests you keep the following tips in mind if someone approaches you trying to sell something:

  • Don’t fall for high pressure sales tactics.
  • Ask to see terms and conditions.
  • Request to see the seller’s license.
  • If it’s magazine subscriptions they are selling, contact the magazine publisher…



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