Don’t get swindled buying football tickets

Team runs out onto the field at Bryant Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, AL on Saturday, Oct 8, 2022.
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By WVUA 23 News Student Reporter Emily Benito

TUSCALOOSA – People have been rolling into town since mid-week to get ready for the Texas A&M football game this weekend. Ticket prices are actually lower than people predicted.

Fans said this is going to be the biggest home game of the year, especially after how AandM beat Alabama last season 41-38.

The high stakes of this game were driving ticket costs through the roof, but after A and M’s loss to Mississippi State, the prices have dropped significantly.

We asked the owner of T-Town Tickets Candice Carden to share why she thinks the ticket prices have gone down.

“We’re not seeing like A and M fans really come to town for this game. That’s made the price go down,” Carden said. “It’s not what it was this summer. It was really high this summer. If you wanted to get into that game, you were looking at spending $350 to $400. It’s not that now. You can get them for pretty cheap. $75 bucks maybe.”

If you’re looking for a last minute ticket to the high-stakes game be careful where you purchase them.

“We’ve been in town forever,” Carden said. “People know our names here in Tuscaloosa. If you’re out of state or buying from somewhere else they’re are all those places that advertise and sell hundreds of tickets every year. Those are legitimate sites if they’re selling tickets on there.”

To ensure you have an authentic ticket, make sure to get the seller’s information in case something goes wrong and do not accept QR code tickets or screenshots of tickets.

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