When people are at their most vulnerable, scammers are never in short supply. The coronavirus outbreak has proved no exception.

The Better Business Bureau has already been notified of several big scams regarding the pandemic.

In Alabama, there’s been a text message going around citing confirmed cases in Mobile, with a link for more information. Open the link on your phone and the link installs malware.

Other scams are taking advantage of the elderly, with scammers calling and offering to pick up medications.

BBB Vice President of Operations Garet Smitherman said you can avoid being scammed with one simple trick.

“There are many opportunities for scammers to perpetrate their plans, so take a step back and research as much as possible,” Smitherman said. “We’re getting reports daily and trying to make that information widely available, but just take a step back and be in the know.”

Blue Cross and Blue Shield is also warning Alabamians of potential scammers targeting residents by leveraging fear related to COVID-19.

Some warning signs include:

  • Door-to-door solicitation for testing or prescribing for COVID-19
  • Phone calls asking for health insurance contact information for free testing and services
  • Outreach from unfamiliar health care workers offering to send a home test kit
  • Advertisements for vaccinations or medications to treat the disease
  • Advertisements offering health products that are ineffective against COVID-19 such as herbal teas, supplements, oils or ointments

No health provider is going door-to-door for COVID-19 testing, and no provider will cold call your home for testing or services. At this time, there is no vaccine or medication that can eradicate the disease. The Federal Drug Administration is fighting against several businesses suggesting their products can help fight COVID-19.

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