After nearly a year in the making, it’s finally official: Dominoes Pizza is coming to Alberta.

The decision came during Tuesday’s Tuscaloosa City Council meeting, when the council gave the final OK to bringing a Dominoes with a drive-through to Alberta. It’s planned for the 2500 block of University Boulevard.

District 5 City Councilman Kip Tyner said he’s been trying for the past year to get the restaurant into his district.

The current nearest Dominoes for Alberta residents? The one on 15th Street.

“The last time I spoke with the folks at Dominoes,” Tyner said, “they sell more Dominoes in that location than any in the United States, so they were looking basically one mile from that location, and thank goodness they chose Alberta.”


The pizza joint is planning to open by August.

Also at Tuesday’s council meeting:

  • Tuscaloosa police are getting more body cameras. Police Chief Steve Anderson requested to use $10,000 that was willed to the department on additional body cameras, which was approved. The cameras record all video and audio between officers and residents.
  • Street lights will be up and running Thursday to the new $7 million bridge in Alberta. Tyner said the lights make it safer for drivers and pedestrians. The University Boulevard bridge that runs over Kicker Road reopened in November.
  • Holidays on the River is in its final week at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater, so if you’d like one more ride around the rink, now’s the time. The final day is Jan. 18.
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