Domestic dispute turns deadly in Wilcox County

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By WVUA Digital Reporter Anneliese Taggart

A domestic dispute turned deadly Wednesday in Wilcox County after deputies were called to a home in the town of Yellow Bluff.

Gunfire broke out when officers responded to a domestic violence call. They were met by a woman running out of the home, followed by a 54-year-old Billy Bizzell, who was firing a weapon.

The County’s Chief Deputy was struck in the arm and 78-year-old retired deputy Madison “Skip” Nicholson, who was there for a backup, was struck and killed. Jackson confirms the Chief Deputy was able to return fire, killing the suspect.

Hale County District Attorney Michael Jackson says domestic situations are some of the most dangerous situations for law enforcement.

“When police officers or deputies and all of them have to go out to a domestic violence scene, you are putting your life on the line in a very serious way. When you get to the scene, oftentimes these perpetrators are very angry and they have weapons, and they do not mind using, and as a matter of fact, and they do not mind dying, if they have to take out officers and the person they are abusing they will do that, so yeah it is a very very dangerous situation for law enforcement.”

The female victim was not harmed and Jackson says the Chief Deputy has been released from the hospital.

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