An Alabama couple has been reunited with their family dog named Soup after he went missing. In fact, Soup made some unlikely friends during his temporary adventure.

Leigh and Michael Parker have owned Soup for three and a half years, and he’s named after Leigh’s dad who was nicknamed Soup.

The Parkers said Soup wandered off while he and Michael were hunting, and Soup ended up at Kilby Correctional Facility in Montgomery.

Three days after he went missing, a prison guard managed to track Soup’s owners down and gave them a call.

Soup made quite the impression on the inmates, and was getting roast beef dinners donated by inmates, lots of free time in the yard and some K-9 doggie friends too.

Michael Parker said getting Soup to go home was a task after all the excitement from his short-term prison stay.

“And when I picked him up, he looked at me and he looked back at his friends…he looked at me and it was like he was about to pull a quarter out of his pocket and call it in the air, you know, whether I’m going to stay or not,” Michael Parker said.

But the Parkers said if Soup ever gets lost again, they know where he’ll probably go and that he’ll be in good hands until he can get back home.

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