Dog trapped at Coaling church rescued, owner sought

Dog Rescue

The Coaling Volunteer Fire Department had a unique call at a local church this week after a dog didn’t quite get the memo that what goes up must come down.

In the dog’s case, she found a staircase leading to the church’s roof and climbed on up. Once she was up there, she wasn’t interested in coming down without help.

So help they did, and the rescued pup firefighters dubbed Hope is spending time in the care of Coaling Fire Chief Scott White and his family while they search for her owner.

“Any pet is special to me,” White said. “Me and my wife help with the local rescue stuff around here called no greater love. Anytime we make a run on a pet call or whatever, we do the best we can to try to find the puppy a home or do what we can to help the dog. She has been a really good addition to our clan right now.”
If you recognize Hope, please contact the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office at 205-752-0616 or Coaling Volunteer Fire Department at 205-553-9911.

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