Just a few months ago, Lucky’s leg looked so bad, we can’t even show you on TV.

“It was pure neglect unfortunately,” Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter Director Jennifer Earp told WVUA 23.

Lucky’s back right leg had gotten severely tangled in a tether used to retain him. Investigators believe the dog’s owner provided no care to the injury for at least one month, while infection spread and his leg nearly rotted off.

“We do see those kinds of cases from time to time. It is just so heartbreaking. you want to save them all,” Earp said.

Unfortunately doctors weren’t able to save Lucky’s leg, but they along with those at the animal shelter, the sheriff’s office and in our community were able to save his life.

“He didn’t ask for the position he was put in,” Deputy Martha Hocutt said. “He certainly didn’t ask to suffer. Now he is not suffering because he is in a wonderful home. He has a great family. He has a great life. You can’t ask for any more.”

Lucky may only have three legs, but he has a heart for everyone.

“He is the most awesome dog,” Hocutt said with tears in her eyes. “He deserves it. He deserves a chance. He really does. That’s how they got the same lucky because he really was lucky.”

While Lucky is seeing much better days in his new home, his former owner Jessica Huey, is facing a second degree animal cruelty charge and is expected to be in court February 15th.

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