<p>Remi, is a 40 pound Shepard mix who should weigh a lot more. She hasn’t been taken care of in some time, if ever.</p><div></div><p>Remi was found on  March 3, 2020 off of Koffman Loop Road in Tuscaloosa County. Remi had been shot in the face.</p><div></div><p>Tuscaloosa County Animal Control Deputy Martha Hocutt is leading the investigation of finding the person who did this to Remi.</p><p><div></div><p>“She was conscious, but she was having a hard time breathing,” Hocutt said. “There was a good bit of swelling to the throat to the sinus area “</p></p><p>Hocutt told WVUA 23 this is a serious crime that could come with serious punishment.</p>

“The bullet technically went in her left jaw shattered and fragmented,”Hocutt said. “The fragments are still in her body.  I have a copy of her x-ray with that. This is real serious. Someone has shot a dog and left it for dead.. That is about as inhumane as you can get in my book,” Hocutt added.

Remi has undergone multiple surgeries and has proved she is a fighter. Now she just needs someone to help her cross the finish line.

“That is definitely what she needs most,” Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter Director Jennifer Earp said. ‘Even though we are providing the best care we can, being out of a shelter environment away from so many other animals is the best thing for her. Anyone out there who is experienced in medical cases we would certainly appreciate you reaching out to us. We really need to get her into a home so she can recuperate better,” Earp said.

“She has taken huge steps in the last 24 hours. She has a lot more steps to go, but she is going to be an awesome dog,” Hocutt said.

<p>If you are interested in fostering Remi, please contact the Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter.</p><p>If you have information that could assist investigators in this case, call the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office.</p>

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