An abused dog is fighting for her life at Veterinary Hospital of Centreville after being found abandoned on the side of Highway 25 Monday morning.

Numerous people posted on social media that they saw a metal dog crate at a pull-over spot near county road 26 Monday morning. When someone stopped to look inside, they were horrified at what they found.

Inside the locked cage, was a female bulldog mix trapped with no food and no water in the sweltering Alabama heat. But this dog was battling much more than the 90 degree weather. Her back had been burned severely using some kind of liquid; perhaps scalding grease, boiling water or even acid.
To make things worse, the huge area had harbored extreme infection and become infested with maggots.

Despite the extreme pain this dog was in, she still maintained a gentle disposition after she was rescued.

Local animal rescue, Friends of the Bibb County Pound owner Tammie Davis lives minutes from where the dog was dumped. Davis operates off of strictly donations, but has offered to fund the tortured dog’s vet expenses.

“We definitely need help with the funds to pay her vet bill,” Davis said. “It’s going to be a long stretch. It’s not going to be just fix me up today and out of the vet tomorrow, she’s going to be there for a while,” Davis added.”Everybody’s praying for her to pull through.”

The staff at Veterinary Hospital of Centreville  has named the dog Hope because she needs all the hope she can get.
Donations are desperately needed for Hope’s medical expenses. You can donate through PayPal at or by calling the veterinary hospital at (205) 926 – 4347.

It’s still unknown who burned Hope and left her locked in the cage for dead along Highway 25.

If you have any information that could assist investigators, you’re asked to contact the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office at (205) 926-4683.




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