Potentially Abused Dog

A man responsible for animal control services in parts of Perry County is under fire for allegations of animal cruelty.

WVUA 23 has decided not to state the man’s name as he has not been charged yet as a result of these allegations. According to court records, the man has a criminal record dating back to 1988, which includes cruelty to animals. The man in question is contracted by the city of Marion, but no longer by Perry County.

The investigation began after Danielle Barnett said she saw dogs chained without food or water on a road in Uniontown. After further inspection, she told county, city and state leaders at a legislative meeting on Thursday evening, that she found the conditions on the property shown in photographs in the video above.

The property was later confirmed to be owned by the man who provides animal control services to parts of Perry County. Sheriff Billy Jones stated the carcass in the photo is that of a deer and it is not illegal to feed dogs deer, however his department is investigating other circumstances around the animals’ conditions. Many animal rights activists we’ve spoken to said they believe some of the remains photographed on the property belong to dogs, not deer or other wild game. A medical professional has not confirmed that.

Marion Mayor Dexter Hinton is also looking into the allegations against this man his city contracts for animal control.

“As mayor of Marion, I have been here about two and a half years as an elected official and I have never heard anything until the allegations just came up now,” Hinton said. “The city of Marion does not condone animal cruelty at all so as soon as the investigation is complete the city of Marion will make a decision on whether keeping or terminating.”

Nearly 20 animal rights activists and people from all around west and central Alabama attended the Perry County legislative meeting Thursday night, where local and state officials heard their pleas for an investigation.

“I’m going to stay on this until something is done about it,” Danielle Barnett told WVUA 23.

Steve Lamon traveled over an hour from Tuscaloosa to address the issue. “I take the mayor to his word when he says something is going to be done about it,” he said.

Darlene Richardson and her family run the non-profit Cans for Kritters 501c out of Brookwood. They too were at the meeting. “It’s heartbreaking because hundreds of organizations like us are out there fighting for the rights of animals,” Richardson exclaimed.

Both the city of Marion and the Perry County Sheriff’s office are looking into this situation. We will continue to update the situation as we receive more information.

The dog seen in the photos was surrendered by the man in question and is now being treated at Mercy Animal Clinic in Gardendale.

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